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  • 편안하고 아늑한 쉼터 - 친환경 주거 단지, 자연 친화적인 쉼터, 첨단기술 주거서비스, 헬스케어/교육생태계 서비스 편안하고 아늑한 쉼터 - 친환경 주거 단지, 자연 친화적인 쉼터, 첨단기술 주거서비스, 헬스케어/교육생태계 서비스

Amidst pristine nature,
the start of a new life,

Gapyeong, a pristine area close to Seoul - Cheongrium,
located between two famous mountains,
teems with natural scenery and vast ecosystems,
where clear and vital forces gather.

with a blessed natural environment
and beautiful year-round,

We have been creating a place
where there is innovation in every aspect of life,
from living, to education to health.


A new education paradigm Teems within this forest Amidst the green trees and fresh air, Education of the future, enjoyed with flair

The place where diverse people share knowledge, and where future technology unfolds amidst nature with no edge

Cheongrium unveils an educational ecosystem that creates a virtuous cycle of mutual sharing and growth.


Perfection in health commences within a prinstine, eco-friendly ecosystem.

The best quality green tea leaves that survived fiercely cold winters

A genuine French style winery Together with about 1,000 types of medicinal herbs

Advanced medical services that include exhaustive preventative care to healing programs that cure the mind - A perfect medical cycle for the era of centenarians, at the forefront of implementation Cheongrium.


We’ve strived to create a form of housing that does no harm to nature

Townhouses of the future, exquisitely designed to coexist with the very flows and views of nature The most advanced AI, IoT and robot technology, and Eco-friendly energy circulation system

A new paradigm of living that is not found in cities, take the journey, here at Cheongrium.