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Block Chain

HANCOM Group’s Block Chain leading the 4th industry based on trust and bringing innovation of the transaction

HANCOM Group’s safe Block Chain platform!
Contributing to the Improvement of quality of life and sharing economy by building a smart city based on Block Chain!
We will take the lead in creating a sound Block Chain ecosystem as a group by fostering new growth industries and
leading new technologies

Sharing Economy, Smart Contract, Digital Authentication

The 4th industrial revolution based on Block Chain

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  • Smart Traffic - Smart Parking
  • Smart Payment - Regional Currency
  • Smart Adminis tration - Smart Contract
  • Smart Energy - Energy Trading
  • Smart Logistics / Farm - Distribution Management
  • Smart Safety - Integrated facility management
  • Smart Mdical - Medical Information Management

A Safe Block Chain Platform

  • IoT
  • Big Data
  • AI
  • Cloud
  • Voice Recognition
  • Robotics