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Introducing new solutions to be commercialized

Preparing for a smart future with the flexibility of thinking and AI
Technology Providing AI services to help people.

Voice recognition Solutions

We have a voice recognition technology for applying various devices and operating systems.

  • products applyed voice recognition technology: translation service GenieTalk, voice translation from GenieTalk offline, GenieTalk Voice, GenieTutor
  1. 01voice recognition

    • offering voice recognition for talks with foreigners and learning foreign languages by voice recognition technology without noise.
  2. 02voice synthesis

    • offering natural voice synthesis (providing korean, english, japanese & chinese languages)
  3. 03voice recognition & translation

    • service offering voice translation in target language
  4. 04voice recognition of a large amount of words, continuous speeches and informal talks

    • voice recognition service for long texts in conversation form
  5. 05voice recognition engine for loading mobiles

    • various mobiles or operating systems can be loaded with voice redognition engine
  6. 06the latest deep learning technology application

    • offering clear voice recognition & synthesis technology by the latest deep learning technology
  7. 07recording of recognizied voice

    • record technology for recognizied voice file
  8. 08analysis technology of recorded file

    • analysis technology of recorded voice file

Translation Solutions

HANCOM provides on-offline translation service and aumatic translation solutions for individuals and corporates by various machine translation technologies (RBMT, SMT, RMT, RNN).

  1. 01voice recognition & translation

    • service offering voice translation in target language
  2. 02on-offline translation technology

    • GenieTalk Offline available while being offline
  3. 03text translation

    • service offering text translation in target language
  4. 04text translation from an image

    • service offering text translation from a picture in target language
  5. 05translation support in the largest number of languages

    • offering 150 language pairs, approximately 1,604 intermediate languages and translation modle for each field
  6. 06machine translation through various machinery engines

    • support neural network machine translation based on statistics & rules and hybrid translation, pesonal dictionary and document processing through XLIFE standard translation paper specification
  7. 07large-scale trainings based on cloud

    • unlimited parallel trainings through building a training server applying Amazon server system
  8. 08exclusive automatic multilingual translation for corporates

    • offering exclusive automatic multilingual translation service for corporates

Chatbots Solutions

Chatbots processing natural language

  • Chatbots to understand the contents of a sentence even if the spacing is wrong
  • Smart chatbots handling abbreviations, newly coined words, and typos correction
  1. 01Knowledge search (Exobrain)

    • Able to do knowledge search via Exobrain
    • Search function with natural language query using large-scaled knowledge encyclopedia
  2. 02Data Machine Learning

    • Pre-processing function for correct machine learning on Q&A
    • Applying Word Embedding/RNN/NLP algorithm for deep-learning and machine learning
  3. 03Natural language processing

    • Natural language processing through morphological analysis and object analysis
    • Processing for understanding natural language sentence structure through parsing
    • Accurate natural language processing using spelling engines
  4. 04Semantic analysis

    • Intention analysis and semantic analysis through machine learning
    • Understanding the context of sentences via conversation history and user information memory
  5. 05Typo correction

    • Typo correction through keyboard distance, habit analysis processing
    • Ability to correct wrong grammar of wrong wording
    • Processing abbreviations and newly coined words
  6. 06Q&A SET & Scenario-based dialog support

    • Configuring dynamic dialogs with the UI-based scenario editor
    • Multi structure for various answers
    • Personalization via user distinction

Non-Identification Solutions

Exobrain (Korean Language Analyses Toolkit Technology) is used as legal judgement non-identification solution (Patent, Legal)

  • Recognizing personal information and replace texts automatically
  • Creating non-identified legal judgement once legal judgement is input
  • Customized non-identification solutions
  1. 01Unstructured data processing and analysis

    • Unstructured data processing based on text documents (Recognizing objects in text)
    • Expected to expand into office document format
  2. 02Hybrid Personal Information Recognition

    • Object recognition based on machine learning
    • Pattern recognition using regular formula and various pattern adding
    • Pre-processing, banned words dictionary support
  3. 03Non-identification of personal information

    • Able to extract around 120 object names
    • Designated objects can be unidentified when setting personal information
  4. 04Flexible detection rules

    • Pattern Edit/Delete/Add function ( able to do particular text lines)
    • Managing non-identified objects
    • Managing rules at each stage
  5. 05Providing machine learning tools

    • Creating unique models as per specific domains
    • Creating machine learning data and providing learning tools
  6. 06Pseudonymised data processing for GDPR

    • Providing proper service to meet new personal information management regulations

Video recognition Solutions

We analyze various information using video & image and provide solutions with face, text, motion and indivisual recognition technologies by using the analyzed information.

  1. 01face recognition

    • recognizing human face technology
  2. 02text recognition

    • technology detecting texts from videos & images and recognizing text information within the detected area
  3. 03motion recognition and AR

    • technology controlling hand or human movements from video and augmented reality
  4. 04indivisual recognition

    • service analyzing various information by detecting and recognizing various indivisuals from videos or images
  5. 05video processing application

    • style transfer: technology drawing an new image according to styles of specific painters, using AI technology

Big data Solutions

service analyzing and managing data based on documents

  1. 01data capture

    • collecting documents, websites, images and videos
  2. 02data classification

    • classifying the collected data
  3. 03analyzing documents system

    • system analyzing and managing documents